ESC «Energomost»

Time-proven quality
ESC «Energomost» today
A modern company that stands as an example of efficient work in the construction industry
The latest technologies and quality of construction projects allow us to create reliable infrastructure throughout the country.
1. Rate and quality
Our company serves as an example of transparency and professionalism, and creates opportunities for the development of Russia’s best personnel.
2. Honesty and openness
We work with natural resources and, more than anyone, we understand the need for environmental care and construction safety.
3. Nature protection
Quality infrastructure
for a modern nation
ESC "Energomost" is a company with a reputation of fast and high-quality contractors capable of realising the most complex construction projects. Experience, modern practices and working principles allow us to realise large-scale projects and make us an ideal contractor for building quality infrastructure for Russia’s future. We are confident that our approach will become the gold standard in the industry, and we are ready to put it into practice now.
Our machinery
We realise ambitious projects even in the most difficult conditions
automotive equipment
road construction machinery
auxiliary equipment
lifting equipment
concrete plants
crawler tractors
dump trucks
road rollers
truck cranes
Priority contractor for leading Russian companies