Notification on holding public discussions Reconstruction of grid complex of 220 kV overhead transmission line Davan - Vitim

ESC "Energomost" notifies all interested parties on holding public discussions in the form of public hearings on the state environmental expertise object "Construction of 500 kV Nizhneangarskaya substation with transformer capacity of 1002 MVA and Reactive power compensation means of 730 Mvar (500 kV 3×180 Mvar SHR-500 kV, 220 kV 2×35 Mvar USHR-220 kV, 220 kV 2×60 Mvar BSC-220 kV), construction of a single-circuit 500 kV overhead transmission line Nizhneangarskaya — Ust-Kut with an approximate length of 465 km, reconstruction of 220 kV Kichera — Novy Uoyan overhead transmission line and 220 kV Angoya — Novy Uoyan overhead transmission line (for technological connection of power receiving devices of JSCo "Russian Railways")" Stage 9 of construction. Reconstruction of the grid complex of the 220 kV overhead transmission line Davan — Vitim, including preliminary environmental impact assessment materials.

Timeframe for public discussions: 17.11.2022 — 17.12.2022.

Location and timing of accessibility of the object of public discussion: Project documentation, including preliminary materials on environmental impact assessment will be available for review from 17.11.2022 to 17.12.2022 on the official Internet site of the Administration of the Municipal Municipality "North Baikal District" (, on the Office 365 service at the link.

Submission form for comments and suggestions:

Public comments and suggestions are accepted from 17.11.2022 to 17.12.2022, as well as within 10 days after the end of public discussions from 18.12.2022 to 27.12.2022:

— on paper to the following address: 671 710, North Baikal District, Nizhneangarsk Settlement, 125 Rabochaya Str. (Administration of the Municipal Entity "North Baikal District");

— electronically to the following email address: (Administration of the Municipal Entity "North Baikal District");

— electronically to the following email address: (LLC "ESC Energomost").

Please refer to the attached file for details.